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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know about the support and warranty services at  x1laptop ?

At X1laptop we provide a 3 year warranty to all customers for our every product and Customer Support for our users. Any customer can contact  (Mon-Sat between 10AM to 7PM) or drop the mail at -

Where to buy Second Hand laptops online in India?

At X1LAPTOP, we offer an extensive range of high-quality Second Hand laptops available for convenient online purchase in India. Our affordable Second hand laptops are now accessible nationwide with shipping options. Every laptop undergoes meticulous refurbishment, comprehensive testing, careful repackaging, and approval for resale to meet our exacting quality standards. We guarantee that our pre-owned laptops perform exceptionally well, delivering the same level of performance as when they were brand new.

Is it better to buy new or Second Hand Laptops?

If you want to save money, Second Hand laptops are an excellent option compared to buying a new one. You can purchase our range of the best budget laptops for a fraction of the cost. Buying laptops from x1 LAPTOP benefits you with a number of advantages.

Can Second Hand laptops be upgraded or customised?

Yes, Second hand laptops can be upgraded or customised to suit individual needs and preferences, providing flexibility and versatility for users.

Why Choose Second Hand Laptops ?

Affordability : The price of a second hand laptop is typically much lower than that of a brand - new laptop. This implies that you can find a top- notch laptop within your price range.

 Environmentally Friendly : Choosing a Second Hand  laptop reduces electronic waste and supports environmental sustainability by recycling devices and minimising landfill waste.

Quality : Second Hand Laptops are tested and repaired by professionals to ensure that they’re in good condition. This means that you can get a high- quality laptop that’s just like new.